A community message was sent out this week that said:

St Paul Bomb squad removed a small piece of pre-WWII ordinance from an address on Bronson Ave in Lindstrom

The St Paul Bomb squad responded to an address on Bronson Ave in Lindstrom after a resident found what appeared to be a small pre-WWII munition. The object was removed without incident, and there was no danger to public safety.

With so much bad news out there, this headline and story was fascinating to me. As long as there was no danger to anyone, it must have been pretty neat to have found something pre-WWII in your house – especially something that the bomb squad was called for!

I must admit though that I don”t know what the ordinance or munition was. Bullets? A grenade? And even what”s more interesting is… what’s the story behind it being hidden all these years?

Come back to see if I can find out any more information!