It was once again time to do a quick check on the cabin before winter’s grasp keeps us  holed up at home.  It’s only an hour’s drive, and stopping at one of our favorite restaurants was just a bonus.

Peggy Sue’s in down town Willow River has the best all you can eat fish deal. I love fish and eat it often in restaurants. (Mostly because it is usually priced well.)  Peggy Sue’s has the greatest, lightly breaded fish I have ever had. Try it!!

After a filling supper we continued on. The darkness made for a slower drive because of the wildlife; especially the Deer roaming around. As we rounded the corner, we could see the once vibrant area mostly folded up for the season. The water, with the near full moon shining on it, looked very cold. Soon the ripples will no longer be seen as the hard water season will arrive.

The wind was blowing off the lake howling through the leafless trees. The mostly brown ground and bare trees is a sad site for this time of year.  The snow will soon cover the ground and make the dead looking surface just a bit brighter for a few months.

But, not all is sad at this time of year. For many, this is the highlight of the year. The Snowmobiler’s are starting to get their machines ready.  Cross country skiers and the down hillers are waxing up their boards all in preparation of the next good snow.

Meanwhile, myself like many others will be looking to get the ice fishing gear ready to go for when the ice is thick enough to venture out on. There are snow shoe-er’s and campers dreaming of the next adventure in the cold.

Yes, to many this is a very distressing time of year, but to many more, the excitement is nearly over bearing!