When you sit in a tree stand for hours on end (why do they call it a stand when you sit the entire time?), you have a chance to think.  A LOT!  Many thoughts just come into the mind even without any provocation.

So looking back, here are a few of the thoughts that I remember creeping into my involuntary thought process…

My thoughts when I see a Deer;

Don’t shoot and just enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature and God has put  before me.

Shoot and put meat in my freezer.  This also involves enough hard work  getting this majestic animal out of the woods to be able to skip an entire weeks workout at the local gym. (many deer live just for that reason)

God has done one fine job creating this serenity that I am able to enjoy.

This Deer Stand is sure a peaceful place without a cell phone ringing.

Tomorrow I need to do…OOPS, no work thoughts allowed!

I wonder if my stand should be on the other side of this hill.

Ha! That buck has no idea just how lucky he is today!

It is amazing how a squirrel that weighs just ounces can sound like a 200 pound  deer in the dry leaves.

Why is it that when I am hunting squirrels, I can’t find a one, but when I am hunting deer, they decide to have a convention right under my tree stand.

I enjoyed when my son hunted with me for a few years. Great memories.  I wish he still did.

As the snow, sleet and cold rain pounds down on me in my stand, I just keep reminding myself…”I am having fun!…I am having fun!…I am having fun!…

I thank my Dad for introducing me to the wonders of hunting that he so enjoys.

I blame my Dad for my hunting Addiction!