I was born in Upper Michigan and learned there, living on a small farm amidst a panorama of seasons, to appreciate all of the beauties of God's creation. It was there that I developed an interest in creative art and writing. As a retired R.N. I now find time to explore my creativity and share it with others. I hope that I can inspire others to become more aware of all the everyday gifts in nature that are all around us.

Oh yes, I know it is wonderful to have one”s own little cozy house with pretty flowers and a yard, and maybe a small, furry doggie to call our own, and that is great when we are young and full of the three Vees, vim, vigor and vitality. I have been there, done that and loved every minute of it, almost.  But I must admit that when we get older and pass through those many stages of our life, we need to down grade our collections of a lifetime and think of simplifying, in a major way.

We pass from family raising and homemaking to a more settled way of life with our spouses or alone.  I am presently living in a condo, which my deceased husband and I decided to turn to when the lawn mowing and snow shoveling were no longer fun but a dreaded chore.  It is not easy to make changes after a lifetime of living in” a settled in place,” but in the process of change, we certainly do eliminate alot of senseless clutter.

Changes in life add variety to our ordinary days and give us something to look forward to in anticipation.  Changes are healthy and constant, because everything  around us is in the process of change.  They also challenge our thinking and ways of looking at our lives and ourselves.  We learn new things and make new friends as we adapt to new surroundings and allow ourself to expand our interests.  It is both exciting and a bit scary to leave our familiar surroundings for new horizons.

I love the condo I live in now, casino online in Lindstrom.  It is very comfortable, close to town and definitely the most economical place I could live.  My monthly association fee is only $236 a month and that covers heat, water, garbage, lawn  care and snow removal.  All I pay is electric and phone .

There are nice neighbors to visit with and a sense of family, if one so chooses.  Waters Edge Condo is probably one of the most friendly condos in the area and it has a lovely lakeshore  and backyard for picnics on those nice summer days.

As much as I love my condo home, I am going to sell it at a very affordable price due to the fact that I am moving to Little Canada to live with my new life partner whose story I recently shared with you in the article, ” When Love Comes Calling Follow Your Heart”.

I Paid $106,000 for it five years ago but am willing to settle for $59,000. all reasonable offers will be considered..  It is listed with real estate for $65,000 but due to the economy, I will settle for less. But what a great bargain it is!  Two bedrooms, nice living room and dining area, kitchen, bathroom,  a store room and a nice balcony  where you can enjoy your summer flowers and watching the birds in the near by trees and shrubs.  The  laundry room on each floor is conveniently located.