Ok, in case you didn”t know this, www.Icanhascheezburger.com is one of the funniest family-friendly sites out there. They have several other relates sites that are also very funny, but Icanhascheezburger reaglly takes the… well, the cheeseburger I guess!

I tried to do searches for Minnesota-related LOLs (LOLs are simply things that make you laugh), but I wasn”t able to find them. I was, however able to find many funny pictures, and even one or two old ones that I submitted too! If you can get past the baby-talk, you might find a lot of funny lolcats (and I recommend going to the website to find what makes YOU laugh – not just me!). Welcome to the lol-club, humenz!

And finally, a little bit of sweet to start the New Year right….