Dance is a wonderful activity through which your child can gain self confidence and also boost his or her personality. Dance competitions are a great way to expose your child to the world outside. Also it acts as an amazing confidence booster.

gJust For Kix has recently announced a new set of competitions commencing on March 5, 2010 at Eastview High School, Apple Valley, Minnesota. The dance competitions are to be for the categories solo, duet, trio and small group. The children would be judged on the criteria of technique, execution, choreography and routine and presentation and performance.

The competition is open to all the active and currently registered members of the JFK. All the participants are required to record their own music on an individual CD. There should only be one song per CD and it should be clearly labeled with the dancer’s name, name of the routine, age division, performance division and JFK class location name. All music should be recorded at proper speed. Each participant should have at least two duplicate copies of their music in case of an emergency and the music must be submitted prior to the competition.

The time limit for each performance is from 1 to 1:30 minutes. It is advisable that the music chosen for the performance is appropriate. The lyrics and the meaning of the music chosen should be good in taste. Also the costumes used for the performance should be decent enough. Entries will be accepted on first come first serve basis and will be limited to the amount of performance time available.

The performance styles that can be chosen are- Character i.e. routine portraying an easily recognizable character with music and costume. Any form of dance can be incorporated to convey the meaning. A dance team can use a precision kick dance style and can also make use of props. Jazz and lyrical are also allowed. The interested participants can register at

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