I woke with a Fever…

Yea, I know that is nothing out of the ordinary.  There is a bug going around and most of the kids are sniffling including my Grand Daughter.

But, my fever is much worse that the run of the mill stuff the kids have.

Waking from my nightly slumber, because of a nightmare, I was in a cold sweat. The shakes had over taken me and I wasn’t able to get the dream out of my mind.  I tossed and turned for some time and finally gave up  and crawled out of bed.

In the shower I was still shaking.  My mind was still reeling from the thought.  I just couldn’t believe what had happened.   I would have never lost one like that. I am better than that!

I would have secured my lead and no one could have caught me.  I would have been in the record books!

I went into my office and there leaning against the wall was my favorite fishing pole.   I picked it up and checked the new line I had put on the night before.  I re-checked the knot that held the leader on.

Unlike my nightmare, I wasn’t going to lose the “Bass of a Lifetime” because of a sloppily tied knot.

But the remedy for “BASS FISHING FEVER” isn’t available until Memorial Weekend!

Bill, fishing