I was born in Upper Michigan and learned there, living on a small farm amidst a panorama of seasons, to appreciate all of the beauties of God's creation. It was there that I developed an interest in creative art and writing. As a retired R.N. I now find time to explore my creativity and share it with others. I hope that I can inspire others to become more aware of all the everyday gifts in nature that are all around us.

What a marvelous St. Patrick’s Day it has been, with spring like weather encouraging happy crowds of carefree people to mingle in an atmosphere of music and dance.. The crowds that were gathered outside of the Landmark to watch the approaching parade were a tapestry of green. Many of the younger crowd were in short sleeves and some in shorts. Green was the color of the day and even a little white poodle was painted green to celebrate his heritage.

There were some amazing musical groups, both vocal and instrumental, which permeated the air with lilting Irish ballads and toe tappers.

Talented young ladies displayed their quick dancing skills as they made their feet fly in tune with the energetic and catchy Irish music, played by fiddles, guitars, pipes and small drums. I have got to say that the Irish have the gift of music that turn cloudy days into days of laughter and fun.

We wanted to have the traditional corned beef and cabbage, but the crowds outside of O’Garas and other well known Irish Pubs , were half way down the sidewalk, so we headed homeward to a nearby place, Hogsbreath Tavern, where we were served the best meal, complete with green beer, and minus the crowds. I had never celebrated St. Patrick’s day before and did not realize what a festive day it was for the Irish and wannabees. This August , we can all once again be Irish for the day , as we wander through the Irish Fair at Harriet Island, along side the Mississippi River. That is another fun filled day that will lift your spirits and put a song in your heart.

Enjoy the moments that bring song, laughter and dance to our lives and they will feed the soul.