My background consists of database design and programming. I have done job and client tracking systems, inventory and sales management, and accounting. The other side of me is being a Worship Minister for a local church. Here I put music together each week that is based on the message to be read. Of course my hobby, flight simulation which keeps me relaxed.

Have you ever looked back on your life from the time you were born? What did you see or feel? Did you know that you were in a womb being cared for? Did you know when you actually came out of the womb? Did you feel people handling you and put yogu in the room with the other babies? Did you hear them cry, your parents cooing and holding you? When did you realize that you were actually in this world in a physical body? Do you remember anything before your birth?

When death comes it”s the reverse. We are in this physical body going to – where? We can”t even think of the possibilities because that scenario is pretty much over our heads. The place must be very different because we have to get prepared for this move.

Another interesting part of this is that we really don”t know where we came from because our minds are blank. All we know is that we are in this physical body. We are told that we came from the womb of a woman who we call Mother.

I had the opportunity to witness the death of my Mom and my Wife. Both were very different from each other. My Mom had dementia. My wife had cancer. First we take my Mom.

It seems that her preparation lasted for 2 months. She would be napping and her hands would move around, like she was trying to press buttons. She would speak words that I could not understand. She would wake up and I would ask her what she was doing. She told me about seeing her Aunt and that they wanted her to come and be with them. I had to ask my cousin who this Aunt was and found out that they were very close when my Mom was young. My Mom thought of her a lot. My Dad died in 1966. Mom was without him for over 50 years. I thought she would be thinking of him. No mention was made. Towards the end my Mom got up and fell by the coffee table. She said that she was going to her Aunts place to plant flowers. The fall resulted in a cracked pelvis. Since Mom was 96 years old, that ruled out any surgeries. The pain was so much we had to put her in the Nursing Home under pain management.

My Son and I got into a discussion about death. We concluded that we don”t know where we are going. God has that planned out. It doesn”t necessarily mean that we move to another place to continue our lives in a different form, we could be part of a comet for all we know, or a place where God needs us the most in order to enhance His Kingdom. The scary part in this is that we leave here and we think that it goes into nothing, like how we came here, from seemly nothing to a physical body, with no knowledge of the transformation. That part isn”t scary. Leaving our physical body seems to be.

My wife was sort of the same, but different. Her preparation lasted a long time. She mentioned when we were notified of the returning cancer, that she was prepared to see Jesus. She was ready because she didn’t want to do battle with the cancer. She was tired. There were two occasions where she mentioned that her Mom and Sister wanted her to be with them. She told them no that she wasn”t ready yet. My husband still needed me. The cancer settled into her liver. That pain got to be unbearable, so we went to emergency where they told us there was no hope for survival. After spending a couple of days in the hospital, we transferred her to a nursing home and put her under pain management.

Preparation for the journey does take a long time. Jesus’s world is far more advanced than the world we now live in. We are told that for the things we don’t understand here, we will understand when we move on to our next life. We will have no pains or diseases to contend with. We will have happiness and no worries. Will we be ready when the time comes?


  1. Thanks for sharing so well. These thoughts and emotions are so important to share because they are sincere and impact each of us sometime in life.

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